Emil Kresl

Emil Kresl is a certified process analyst and project manager. For over a decade at The University of Texas, Emil has helped people at every level of the university better understand their own jobs and discover ways to make those jobs better. His work in academic departments, The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, and now Human Resources has provided him with a comprehensive knowledge of the systems, policies, and procedures of UT and higher education.  In all of those UT departments Emil improved working conditions and increased efficiencies. He now reaches out to the rest of The University to do the same.

As a consultant, Emil helps people realize their potential in part by adapting technical and complex professional concepts for use in everyday life, but also by raising their awareness of cultural and behavioral issues that influence their performance.

In addition to being a student of professional and personal development, he is a student of public policy and community planning, and has had various articles published on those topics. He is also the author of Self-leadership: The Art and Science of Control.

Jorge L. Galán

Jorge was born and raised in Houston, TX and was taught by multiple TFA Corps Members. He graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a dual-degree in Spanish and Theatre & Dance. After graduating, he joined TFA as a 2013 Houston Corps Member where he taught Middle School Spanish. During his time in the corps, he became the LGBTQ Affinity Group Leader for the Houston Region. Currently, Jorge is the Recruitment Director for TFA at UT-Austin.