About Us


The LAUNCH Leadership Conference is an annual event hosted by the Asian Business Students Association (ABSA). Although themes vary each year, the main goal of LAUNCH stays the same: foster leadership development in students by providing an environment where they can connect with each other and share ideas of leadership. Additionally, we aim to promote application of skills by encouraging students to take action in their communities and inspire others to do the same.

This year’s theme for LAUNCH is Identity. Identity influences the way we lead, make decisions, form relationships, and negotiate responsibilities each day. Students are at the center of transformative efforts for social justice, diversity, and educational equity on campus. But first, they must understand how their own identities impact the way they interpret, work with, and lead across differences. At the LAUNCH conference, we present speakers and activities that help attendees recognize the effect of their individual identities on a broader scale through leadership.

We can all be leaders. Through this event, we seek to provide participants with a chance to explore various leadership styles and find the ones that’s suitable for them. LAUNCH achieves this through “learning by doing”. We believe in getting the participants thoroughly involved in our interactive environment where they can identify and directly apply their unique leadership skills. We want participants to have a customized experience through our curriculum, which involves a speaker series, several activities and more.